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Ankle and Wrist BodyBoss Straps - Set of 2

Product Description

BodyBoss Ankle and Wrist Straps are double padded for extra comfort. The velcro closure allows you to customize the fit, using the straps on your ankles or wrists. BodyBoss straps are designed for use with our Resistance Bands, and are perfect to pair for exercises like shadow boxing, and leg extensions.

  • How To Instruction Manual
  • Set of 2 BodyBoss Straps
  • Double Padded for Extra Comfort
  • Easily attaches to Resistance Bands
  • Velcro Enclosure Fits All
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Each BodyBoss Portable Gym Package comes with a set of 2 handles.

$ 25.00

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