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Why BodyBoss?

BodyBoss 2.0 portable home gym is truly unique in how it transforms resistance training. Our handcrafted, meticulous design literally replaces thousands of dollars worth of gym equipment, all with one light, portable concept. The Vector Fit base makes the BodyBoss 2.0 your own personal gym. Simply flip open the base, position the resistance bands in your anchor point of choice, and start using your own body weight as resistance! This unique system removes the need for bulky equipment and heavy weights. You can adjust the band length and anchor points for customized workouts from every angle, and work through every muscle group with our accessory items. Rotate between handles, wrist or ankle straps, a sturdy door anchor, or our collapsible workout bar to customize your personal style. Be the boss, and conquer your fitness goals with BodyBoss 2.0!

Customer Testimonials


 I just got my system today. I'm impressed with the feel of the board, it feels like gym quality. I was also surprised by the bands, for some reason I visualized them as soft, probably because of the resemblance to a hair tie, but they are a much sturdier material. I'm looking forward to doing my first workout tomorrow.


I had a issue with my gym and emailed Jay at bodyboss and he was able to get it resolved very quickly! Body boss has some amazing customer service and they are working hard to get the product out to everyone!Everyone waiting for their gym just be patient, you will not regret this purchase! I know I don’t!



 Gentlemen, you have proven that Bodyboss support is as top notch as the product itself. You have my deepest gratitude and appreciation.With the extra gear, I look forward to making things a bit tougher on myself. Cheers!