Returns & Refunds

BodyBoss wants you to be ecstatic about your investment in your health. Making buying decisions regarding your fitness & health is very sensitive, so we want to make sure we do everything we can to maximize your decision for you.

US Returns & Refunds Policy

Standard Return Policy:

For all US Returns, there are a few important things to keep in mind when wanting to return a product purchased from BodyBoss Portable Gym.

1) Time Frame

You have 14 days (2 weeks) from the day you receive your package to return your item(s).

If you reach out wanting to return your package after 14 days, you will not be eligible for a return.

Once our company receives your package at our warehouse (see how to send it back below), we will then issue you your refund.

2) Condition

All items must be placed back into the same package that you had received them in, the same way they arrived. Any other item that you send back or any other way you pack them up that is different than when they came will not be accepted and you will not be refunded.

You must send us a picture of your ready-to-return package and attach it to your inquiry when you reach out to return your item(s).

Once approved by a service representative, you will then be able to proceed with the rest of the return process (see below).

3) Point of Purchase

Only items that have been purchased directly from BodyBoss Portable Gym website are eligible for return. All items purchased outside of our website will not be accepted.

Other places that are not acceptable and fall under a different Return Policy:

  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • eBay
  • FitBoomBah
  • Other marketplaces


4) Effort Level

BodyBoss Portable Gym does not condone laziness nor not giving your fitness & health a fair chance. You will not be eligible for a return if you have not performed at least three 15 minute workouts on your BodyBoss or using any of your other equipment.

Why did you invest in a BodyBoss in the first place? Did you give up on yourself?

Once you submit your request, our service representative will ask you three different workouts you have done on the system to ensure you gave it a full shot and tried your hardest.

Again, your health is very serious and sometimes it takes a firm push to unleash the full potential.

*International orders (all orders outside of the USA) are not eligible for return)*

How to Return your Item(s)


Ship your Package Back to BodyBoss

To return an item back to BodyBoss, go to the following link:

Return Center

Plug in the according information along with a picture of your ready-to-return package.

You will be fully responsible for paying for your Return Label. Again, once you ship it back out to us and we check it back into our warehouse, we will then release refund.


Refund Process

Right when our warehouse receives your returned-package, we will immediately process the refund. The refund will be made in the full amount of the product, shipping will not be included in the refund since we had to pay our shipping partner to get the package to you.

If you paid by Credit or Debit Card, refunds will be sent to the card-issuing bank and can take up to 21 days of receipt of the returned item(s) or cancellation requests.

If you paid by PayPal, refunds will be sent back to your PayPal account and can take up to 21 days of receipt of the returned item(s) or cancellation requests.

Reasons you Would Want to Return Your Package


1) You feel like you do not know how to use it properly

If the biggest reason you are wanting to return your BodyBoss 2.0 is because you do not know how to use it properly, do not worry, this can change immediately. We are a dedicated small team of product & training experts and will personally develop a customized plan for you so that you get as comfortable as possible on your BodyBoss. This is the biggest mistake we have seen others make when you have the #1 home gym sitting in your house right now and the only thing standing in the way is feeling comfortable on it.

Do you want workout videos?

Do you want more manuals?

Do you want individualized training & motivation?

Great, we will make this happen for you. All you have to do is tell us.


2) You would rather have the money than your health

Totally get it, sometimes money is tight or you feel you need it for something more important going on in your life at the moment. We have nothing but respect for your hard-earned dollars and are so grateful that you believed in us in the first place. BUT..

It is always good to ask yourself what is most important that you need the money for than your personal wellness. We understand that $179 is not chump change, but we also understand that most people across the world will spend $200 per weekend on extra curricular activities, consumables, and other activities that don't truly provide you with long-term value. The money is gone and you never see it again from such short-term investments. Something to think about . . .


3) Your experience with us wasn't up to your satisfaction

If anything has been bothering you from the moment you placed your order to the time you received your package, please let us know and we will make sure that we do our best to make things right. We are a very small, growing company and sometimes can make small mistakes as we go about our operations but we are one of the most ethical and hard working companies in the fitness game and will ALWAYS make it right if we messed up. We have delivered over 125,000 BodyBoss 2.0's across 62 countries so sometimes we can make a small mistake. We just ask you that you be direct and let us know so that we can make it up to you.


4) You ended up getting a Gym Membership and/or you feel like there is no need for it anymore

If you ended up "replacing" your BodyBoss 2.0 with a Gym membership and/or other equipment, no problem. We are not in the market to compete with Gyms, in fact, we LOVE and ENCOURAGE the gym. The Gym can be a phenomenal place and we of course want you to go there if you feel you can get the most efficient workouts in there. Our main intention with the BodyBoss 2.0 was to expand fitness and make it more convenient & available to you. That is all. When you do have a day that you are unable to change your clothes, pack a bag, get in your car, drive to the gym, go to the locker room, change again, fill up your water bottle, maybe wait for a machine, go back to the locker room, pack up again, get in your car and drive home, and then change again, sometimes it is hard to dedicate that time.