Bringing Magic to your BodyBoss.

No more guessing - now you are able to track all of your workouts on the BodyBoss, see your progress, And receive data insights - RepLoops deliver a Smart Approach to your BodyBoss workouts. Simply take them out and they are ready to pair to your brand new mobile app. Clip them to the resistance bands and they are ready to take you through a brand new BodyBoss experience. Just like magic.

Free personalized world ranking available exclusively with your personal reploop id on the app.



Visibility to the Fullest.

After a simple one tap setup, RepLoops immediately connect to your phone via Bluetooth and stay connected. Using them is even easier. Once attached to the bands, they relay how many reps and how much weight you move to your phone in real time, right in front of your eyes. Your workouts are now tracked.

Just watch your Phone.

Keeping track of your workouts and staying motivated is easier than ever now. Simply pull up your scoreboard on the app and your whole perspective on working out on your BodyBoss is changed.


Performance you’ll want to see.

Fueled by the unique 1Loop tension v1 technology, RepLoops deliver a fast and smooth wireless connection to your phone. Instantaneously reading and delivering accurate data by capturing loops with the tension based technology, the communication between the reploops and the mobile app is prominent. So whether you are doing legs with the workout bar, upper body with the handles or cardio boxing with the wrist straps, you’ll have the most amazing workout experience ever.



Knows when you take a break.

A motion-enhanced accelerometer recognizes when you stop moving immediately and ignores soft movements so reps are counted accordingly.



Lay it down, Plug it in

With the lightning USB dual charging port, charging is as simple as laying the RepLoops down and plugging them in. The RepLoops come with a lightning USB dual charging port where you can plug each RepLoop into so they are charging from the same chord.




Instant Set Up. Easy Technology.

RepLoops connect immediately to your phone, and data transfers seamlessly between the devices. Want to see your workout results? Just pull out your phone and open your scoreboard on the app. Easy set up, magical results.



And Stay in the Loop to

What’s Coming this Fall.


Workout Sharing

With a simple swipe, share a workout with a friend - two sets of RepLoops on one phone for the ultimate workout experience. Everyone likes a workout buddy!



Global Leaderboard

With one simple tap, you will be able to see everyone around the world’s workout results. Compete for the top spot - stay connected. Do you want to be the best in the world? The choice is yours.