"Exercise starts out with the best intentions—a gym membership there, a cardio bike there, new gym shoes, and maybe an expensive fitness tracker. But after the initial motivation runs out, the equipment ends up in a closet and the gym membership just eats money.

That’s why we started BodyBoss. We wanted to create a product you’ll actually use, over and over again. And we’re not just for fitness junkies: we’re for everyone, from those new to fitness to those who spend most their life on a treadmill. Our approach is kind, empathetic, and encouraging.

And, because trying something new is hard and sticking with it is even harder, we’ve made it our aim to build a massive, supportive community of friends. With BodyBoss, you’ll find trainers and workout buddies encouraging you every day, offering advice and motivation to get you sweating and feeling great about your progress.

Our approach works. Since launching, we’ve been ranked as the #1 home gym on Amazon, and we have a 4.7 out of 5.0 seller rating. Even WalMart says BodyBoss is one of its top-selling home workout products.

But #1 isn’t good enough for us. We want to continue building confidence workout by workout. And we want to have the world’s biggest community of fitness enthusiasts, all encouraging each other to move a little more and be a little healthier. That’s why we’re coming up with new designs and new programs and videos to keep improving and keep including.

So come join us! We can’t wait for you to check out the BodyBoss way and get hooked on working out."

Ross Oltorik,
CEO of BodyBoss