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Squat Challenge

Squat Challenge

Join our BodyBoss 7 Day Squat Challenge! Our team is starting with tomorrow’s workout and will keep going through next week! We’ll be sharing our progress throughout the week on social media, so be sure to let us know if you’re joining! For a chance to win an extra pair of resistance bands - your color of choice - just share one of our posts throughout the week on your own Instagram or Facebook! Let’s keep each other motivated and strong!

Here are some of our best tips for making the most out of your 7 Day Squat Challenge:

  1. For the best posture, place your feet shoulder width apart on your VectorFit base. Keep your head and shoulder straight, looking forward.
  2. Make sure you sit into the squat as deep as you can go, and make yourself lift all the way back up! We love to push our workout bar up high between each set to extend the movement and get our arm and shoulder muscles engaged.
  3. If you’re a beginner, start with one set of resistance bands, attached to anchor point #3 on your base.
  4. If you’ve been using your BodyBoss for a while, challenge yourself even more by adding a set of resistance bands, or by shortening your bands at the base by looping them through anchor point #3 and attaching them to anchor point #1.
  5. Although you might not want to, be sure to take a rest day midway into the week. Rest days are important to give your muscles a chance to heal. Get right back at it the next day!

What are your tips for squatting with the BodyBoss 2.0? Comment below or share with us via social! We’d love to hear from you!



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