Hey, Everyone!

I am super excited to introduce myself! My name is Erin, and I’ve recently joined the BodyBoss team. I’ll be helping with lots of projects that will ultimately support our amazing group of early Backers and the entire BodyBoss community. I’m an (almost) 29 year old mother of one (photo below). My husband and I live in Northwest Indiana, which is just south of Chicago. We are both on our own fitness journeys, and I can’t wait to share more of our story as well as hear yours! We have a few updates for you this week…

Photo of my daughter (obviously for attention)!

More and more BodyBosses have shipped!

We have received confirmation that our orders to the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, and China should all be completed, so if you’re in one of those countries and haven’t received yours yet, be on the lookout. That means 4,000+ sets have shipped! We are excited about this progress, and are so grateful for your patience in waiting to receive your own BodyBoss 2.0.

Join Kristi for live workouts!

Don’t worry, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, the amazing Kristi will be hosting a live workout this Saturday, April 1st at 10AM EST. You can join her by clicking on this link. Feel free to share with friends and family!

Kristi is also adding a second live workout - here. Join her on Tuesday, April 4th at 6PM EST. Don’t miss this chance to tune in. (I know I will be!)


Are you receiving our emails?

We’ve received several comments that Backers have not always received our emails. Many times, the email address you gave us is totally valid, but our email address has been blocked by your mail filter, because it appears to be spam. When this happens, our mail server will try to resend. If we are blocked after multiple attempts, your email address moves to our “bounce” list and won’t be attempted again. We obviously don’t want this to happen!

To correct this, all you need to do is whitelist our email address, support@bodyboss.team. Here is an awesome “how to” article on how to whitelist in some of the most popular mail servers.

We want to make sure you get responses from our Support Team when you need assistance, and whitelisting our email address will help!

As always…

Thanks again for being a faithful BodyBoss supporter. We truly value each of our Backers. Enjoy your weekend, guys, and don’t forget to join Kristi on Saturday morning!

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