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Ever wonder why the BodyBoss 2.0 has an Ab Roller accessory?

Ever wonder why the BodyBoss 2.0 has an Ab Roller accessory?

We all know that when using an ab roller, you are working more than just your abdominal muscles. This exercise requires core stability, and really works every muscle from your shoulders down. We’ve found the ab roller can be used in combination with the BodyBoss 2.0 in an amazing way. A lot of us find it too difficult to do a traditional ab roller movement for more than 4 or 5 reps, but when used in combination with the BodyBoss, you can increase your reps without losing stability. If you want more workout to be even more intense, just shorten your bands or add an additional set, and you’ll get the added benefit of toning with each movement!


Here’s how we do it:

1. Place your resistance bands in setting 15, looped through anchor point 1 and clipped to anchor point 5.

2. Attach the wrist straps accessory. You can wear the wrist straps or loop them through the ab roller handles as show below.

3. With your knees firmly on the VectorFit base, and your arms and back straight, slowly roll the wheel forward as far as you can, while maintaining your stability.

4. Use your abdominal muscles to pull yourself back to a starting position.

5. Continue this motion for 10-15 reps. As you become stronger and more advanced, increase your reps and shorten your bands even more.


Using the BodyBoss 2.0 while doing this motion creates extra resistance that not only intensifies your workout, but also keeps your core balanced  throughout the movement. If you don’t have an ab roller with your BodyBoss 2.0, get one today!

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  • Erin Geribon
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