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More Workouts Coming Soon! 0

We know our community is anxiously awaiting the release of Club BodyBoss! We wanted to share some progress with you! We hope to invite all our Indiegogo community to join us in the next few weeks!

We launched in testing phase to a small group of early contributors to work through any bugs or issues. We’ve been making improvements almost every single day since beta launch! This week we’ve hosted 3 live workouts on Club BodyBoss already! All live workouts are available for session replay as well, so you’ll be able to catch up as soon as you’re a member.

Based on our recent survey feedback, we know that this is an important resource for our community. Thanks for sticking with us and supporting our team as we bring you more and more value each week! Stay tuned for more details on how to sign up!

Squat Challenge

Squat Challenge 0

Join our BodyBoss 7 Day Squat Challenge! Our team is starting with tomorrow’s workout and will keep going through next week! We’ll be sharing our progress throughout the week on social media, so be sure to let us know if you’re joining! For a chance to win an extra pair of resistance bands - your color of choice - just share one of our posts throughout the week on your own Instagram or Facebook! Let’s keep each other motivated and strong!

Here are some of our best tips for making the most out of your 7 Day Squat Challenge:

  1. For the best posture, place your feet shoulder width apart on your VectorFit base. Keep your head and shoulder straight, looking forward.
  2. Make sure you sit into the squat as deep as you can go, and make yourself lift all the way back up! We love to push our workout bar up high between each set to extend the movement and get our arm and shoulder muscles engaged.
  3. If you’re a beginner, start with one set of resistance bands, attached to anchor point #3 on your base.
  4. If you’ve been using your BodyBoss for a while, challenge yourself even more by adding a set of resistance bands, or by shortening your bands at the base by looping them through anchor point #3 and attaching them to anchor point #1.
  5. Although you might not want to, be sure to take a rest day midway into the week. Rest days are important to give your muscles a chance to heal. Get right back at it the next day!

What are your tips for squatting with the BodyBoss 2.0? Comment below or share with us via social! We’d love to hear from you!



#travellikeaboss 0

One of the greatest benefits of our portable home gym is it’s portability! The BodyBoss 2.0 is light and compact enough to be taken anywhere! Set up your VectorFit base in the living room or fold it up, and use the convenient handles and accessory carry bag to take your workout with you on the go. The base, along with every handle type and accessory combined weighs less than 18 pounds, so it’s the ideal equipment to use for travel.


We all know that depending on a hotel fitness center or crossing your fingers for a nearby location for your gym membership, just isn’t ideal. Take your BodyBoss 2.0 on the go to stay motivated and ensure that you get in a workout no matter where your travels take you!


Are you traveling this summer? Whether you are going across the country or to your local park, we’d love for you to #travellikeaboss. Don’t forget our July contest! Upload a photo(s) of cool places that you can use your BodyBoss and tag @bodyBossPortableGym along with the hashtag #travellikeaboss. Each post is one entry! Winner will receive a Full Gym, color of your choice!

Stay connected for workout content, motivation, and more!

Add Some Color to Your Workout!

Add Some Color to Your Workout! 0

Welcome to the Summer Color Sale! In honor of our new colors being available, we are offering 15% off all orders starting today! If you have been waiting to purchase, now is your chance! If you’ve been waiting to grab a pair of extra bands or an ab roller, go for it! To save 15%, just use the code below at check out! 


Our hot colors will go fast, so order soon. The sale will go through Monday, July 17th! If you have any questions, reach out to us via support here.


Ever wonder why the BodyBoss 2.0 has an Ab Roller accessory?

Ever wonder why the BodyBoss 2.0 has an Ab Roller accessory? 0

We all know that when using an ab roller, you are working more than just your abdominal muscles. This exercise requires core stability, and really works every muscle from your shoulders down. We’ve found the ab roller can be used in combination with the BodyBoss 2.0 in an amazing way. A lot of us find it too difficult to do a traditional ab roller movement for more than 4 or 5 reps, but when used in combination with the BodyBoss, you can increase your reps without losing stability. If you want more workout to be even more intense, just shorten your bands or add an additional set, and you’ll get the added benefit of toning with each movement!


Here’s how we do it:

1. Place your resistance bands in setting 15, looped through anchor point 1 and clipped to anchor point 5.

2. Attach the wrist straps accessory. You can wear the wrist straps or loop them through the ab roller handles as show below.

3. With your knees firmly on the VectorFit base, and your arms and back straight, slowly roll the wheel forward as far as you can, while maintaining your stability.

4. Use your abdominal muscles to pull yourself back to a starting position.

5. Continue this motion for 10-15 reps. As you become stronger and more advanced, increase your reps and shorten your bands even more.


Using the BodyBoss 2.0 while doing this motion creates extra resistance that not only intensifies your workout, but also keeps your core balanced  throughout the movement. If you don’t have an ab roller with your BodyBoss 2.0, get one today!

Founder Update

Founder Update 0

Bosses, how's everyone doing? This is Ross here on behalf of BodyBoss...

I wanted to tell everyone who is a part of our community that we have formed so far how much great stuff we have in the works!

We have been focusing on building the #1 fitness company, and we're going to do that for you. With that comes forming the best team possible, forming the best early adopters and early believers possible, and of course, innovation.

And I promise you when it comes to innovation and fitness you can think of us, and you're going to see over the coming months and the coming years what you guys have helped establish. I started this company three years ago with the hopes of bringing something to the marketplace that consumers actually use, that consumers can actually get results from, and where the only barrier to success and health with this product is excuses! And together, we have. With this product, you can do literally any exercise that your imagination can think of. We wake up every single morning to make sure we provide something that people are happy with. This product is a vessel to bring all of us closer together and help people get healthier who can’t otherwise due to their circumstances.

I want to challenge all of us to take a step back to look at what other workout products are on the market. Think about the gym industry, supplement industry, workout DVDs… none of these come with a product like the BodyBoss 2.0. This concept of a portable home gym is truly life changing. Each week you can set a goal and you can focus on so many different body parts, strength training exercises, cardio and weight loss opportunities reaching your strength training goals & losing weight anywhere you can think of. Heck, I ordered the BodyBoss 2.0 just like you and I have been using mine outside in the driveway daily almost daily to keep building the belief and visualizing getting in the best shape of my life all while under the sun. We pride ourselves on being transparent and all being a part of this journey together. We hope you can understand we set out to reach $15,000 on Kickstarter, and we are now at nearly $1,000,000 in funding off our 2.0 launch, and we have shipped over 125,000 worth of product to over 60 countries. For this believe in us we want what is best for the Boss Community. We want BodyBoss to be here for a long time. So you can say you helped bring that product to life. We all did. Because of that we want you to know that we are investing everything back into the BodyBoss support and our next generation products and accessories.

So, let's talk about what's coming for you as a founding boss of this community. Here are the developments since the BodyBoss Kickstarter campaign has ended:

  • BodyBoss was asked to continue our campaign on Indiegogo in the in demand section for the most popular products on the market and was quickly featured as one of the top products on Indiegogo and started trending almost immediately.
  • BodyBoss is closing in on $1 million in crowdfunding raised in pre-orders and support from it's incredible community of Bosses.
  • BodyBoss makes promise starts early development of smart technology app. Announcements coming over the next coming weeks of this incredible opportunity and top-secret information exposed to our Boss backers first.
  • BodyBoss introduces first stage of development and starts next introduction of technology, will be released in the month of May please keep an eye out. This next version is focused on our users. We want to make workout content so accessible you don’t even have to think about your workouts!
  • BodyBoss hosts exclusive live streaming sessions to test early concept provides 48 hour replay of Livestream to users. We believe that holding those that want to be held accountable and having a set time helps to make sure that your workout to become a routine! It also will allow us to be forced to produce content no hours of editing and hours of waiting. Its real-time, raw you can get to know our personalities! We want you to trust us and learn the type of people you are! We are just like you and want to be here for BodyBoss!
  • BodyBoss brings on a new CEO, Mike, allowing me to focus on product development, innovation and service technology. Mike will help us form an awesome team and brings so much experience to the table. While he was the CEO, his list company did over 300 million dollars in E-commerce transactions while raising their service standards.
  • BodyBoss has started to blend well for our community. Every team member is focused on adding value and improving user experience!
  • Many retailers are interested in representing this convenient unique workout product and technology. We will be announcing these as we are legally allowed to! But, there are people wanting these in stores around the world. You can always say you got this first.
  • Superbosses will start emerging as those who lose weight, believe in staying focused on their healthy living, the example of being a BOSS in their communities locally, to their family members and others start sharing their stories. Yes you are founding bosses, yes you are a boss, but we believe superbosses force change to occur and want to rise up and help people jump into new heights in their life, just like our logo icon represents!

I personally wanted to make sure that everyone involved is aware of these developments and that our community is the first to know when we roll out new products and tools. Our mission is to build an exceptional brand that brings affordable, safe and high quality resistance training products and training programs to people and fitness experts worldwide.

We believe that no matter who you are no matter, if you are just starting fitness or if you have been involved in working out for your entire life, that you should be able to work out and get true strength training weight-loss results from using the BodyBoss system. You are not only strengthening your body but your mind as well! Move the bands! Stand on the platform and move the bands each day! Create BLOOD FLOW and you will create a HEALTHY BODY for life, I promise you! It feels so good too! Look out for more updates as we reveal some of the most incredible things to hit the fitness industry ever.

If any of you WATCH TV TOMORROW INSTEAD of being at KRISTI’s BodyBoss 7PM EST broadcast, you’re not serious about this. Move your body! I expect you to get to this workout class tomorrow at 7pm, and workout. Drink water, wear your workout clothes, and show up online for just 30 minutes tomorrow. Just bring your BodyBoss platform and follow Kristi’s class right from wherever you are. It’s only 30 MINUTES! KRISTI is BACK for the transformation Tuesday workout!! Dennis had a great learning class Saturday and Kristi’s fired up to show you one of the best total body strength training mixed with weight loss workouts yet! I expect our BOSSES to BE THERE! Let’s tighten up! SUBSCRIBE and Join the broadcast HERE :Don’t forget to join us and get your sweat on tomorrow at 7 pm EST!

Have an amazing Monday! Be on the lookout because we will RISE UP, RISE UP AS A COMMUNITY OF BOSSES!

Founder, Community Member, and Fellow Boss,


PS: Received word late last week that Germany cargo and all our BodyBoss pallets are set to clear customs sometime this week! It’s in its final stages of customs. We will try to get pictures of the cargo when it arrives at the Europe fulfillment center! You will receive notification when your product is prepared to go out and receive tracking information! Get ready to use your BOSS! For those in the PACIFIC RIM you should have received yours now! UK, USA, CANADA all should have received theirs as well! Be ready Bosses it’s almost time to get shredded with the BOSS GYM!